Purple Dragon Epics

This site will enable a change in the way books are accepted in the marketplace- especially when first-time authors, such as myself- are centralized in the Epic-Series genre.

Today, first-time authors are limited to 80-90 thousand word manuscripts.  This prohibits the conception of any different theme threads to really develop.  You get to write a plot, maybe one subplot, as long as it is short and simple, and that is that.

Whenever I am writing my own science fiction, I have to abstain from reading other fiction books, because I so over-analyze what I am trying to read, that it doesn’t work for me. Nonfiction, yes.  Fiction, no.

But when I do read another author’s work, I prefer a story that: Does not have a ‘sudden’ ending; has time for nuances and extensive character development; and, I do not like ‘novels’ that I can read in one day!  To me, that is a novella.  Although the publishing industry spurns the term, <em>novella, it is what new authors are really supposed to write.

A lot of famous authors from the past would not be able to find a literary agent, much less a publishing house, today.  It is a long list, too, including “Prometheus Unbound” (Frankenstein); Gone with the Wind; Dracula; The Wizard of Oz; and the Lord of Three Rings.  All these books fits this description, as well as many more I can’t think of on-hand.

The N’Renaran Series: Book One.  “The Supreme Commander.”

Right now, what I am planning on doing, is to release my own first book; in a series of four total; free of charge.  I will retain ownership of the book, of course, but anyone who wants to give it a read, can pass it along, as long as they do not delete the Author’s name, do not alter the text, or anything that would change the copyrights of the manuscript.

How can I do this?  I intend in hooking you into the other three books of the series, enough that you will want to pay to read them.

More, later…….                             Emory Carroll Wyatt